The Game of Game of Thrones – Week 4


We are past the halfway point of the season and whatever the Game of Thrones equivalent of the playoffs is steadily approaching. Literally, its do-or-die for our players, in a fictional sense, of course.

The episode this week marks the return of my favorite sellsword, Bronn, bargaining his payment with Jaime Lannister after the recent capture of Highgarden. Not many points are given out in this scene but, man does Bronn deserve some for making fun of Dickon Tarly’s name right to his face. God bless you, sir.

Randyll Tarly then joins the conversation mentioning that they are in the prime spot for an ambush if that were to happen. But what are the chances of that right?

Jump to King’s Landing and we have Cersei reassuring the representative of the Iron Bank that their money is on the way. Again, what could go wrong?

Up in the snowy tundra of Winterfell, we have the Valyrian steel dagger that was used in Bran’s attempted assassination trade hands between Littlefinger to Bran and Bran to Arya. And according to our rulebook, gaining an item of Valyrian steel earns the receiver a hefty amount of points. Arya sees much more potential in the knife than Bran does and flaunts it in a pretty rad training duel with Brienne. Not only does Arya go toe to toe with The Maiden Fair (remember when Brienne fought that bear?) but she also continues the trend of making poor Podrick look useless.

Picking up mid-tour in the Natural History Museum of Dragonstone, we have Jon showing Daenerys some cave drawings as it clicks in her head that everything is about to hit the fan. Tyrion meets up with the two of them, fails to read the room, and informs the Mother of Dragons that her war effort is failing. Dany then hops on her dragon and decides that sometimes to get things done, you have to do it yourself, which apparently is not limited to burning scores of men alive.

Most Valuable Player – Week 4

No matter who takes home the MVP award this week, we are all winners for getting to watch this magnificent battle play out. Unlike the Battle of Bastards where the stress came from not knowing if Jon Snow’s men would be overpowered by the Bolton’s army, this week’s battle in the Reach came from having likable characters on both sides of the fray.

Jaime may be fighting for all the wrong reasons, but the show has come to frame him in such a favorable light, it would be terrible to have him end up inside the stomach of a dragon. On the attacking side we have Daenerys, who gave me a heart attack every time an arrow shot by her head. And don’t even get me started on Bronn… just don’t.

Between the three main characters involved in this inferno of a battle, I really want to give the MVP to Bronn for being one of the few characters in this show to injure a dragon and live to tell about it, but by sheer number of points, Dany has earned the right to add MVP to the end of her ridiculous long list of titles.

The Standings

Bran’s Legs: 695 points

Baelish’s Bailiffs: 530

The Valyrian Steelers: 440

Ned’s Dead: 230

With no sign of slowing down, Bran’s Legs continue their unchallenged, seemingly unstoppable lead!

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