The Game of Game of Thrones – Week 2


The pawns of our personal Game of Thrones are back into play! After a slow and steady first match up, this second week hits harder on all fronts.

In Dragonstone, Daenerys’ war room is talking shop on how to best conquer Westeros. The Kahleesi gains points by laying out some pretty straight forward ground rules with fiery consequences to her once conspirator, Varys, and he returns some of the burn back to Dany saying that he won’t plot as long as she stays a champion of the people.

Seeing as all hell is about to break loose and they have been eyeing each other since season 3, Grey Worm and Missandei meet up for a private affair behind some not so closed doors. Seriously, I don’t think they close the door before they get busy making some steamy points.

Up north, Sansa earns points for her promotion to “Only-Stark-In-Winterfell” as Jon accepts Daenerys and Tyrion’s invitation to visit Dragonstone and checkout the Dragonglass reserves that’ll likely be very helpful in the coming future. Before Jon hits the road he also hits a creepin’ Petyr Baelish that can’t stop creepin’ about Jon’s sister and dead stepmother. Points earned for given Littlefinger a well deserved bruise.

Most Valuable Player – Week 2

This week, the seafaring, regicidal Euron Greyjoy takes the MVP crown with a nautical surprise attack. Euron guts many a nameless goon before taking down two of three Sand Snakes and kidnapping his niece, Yara, and the Mama Sand Snake. Euron proved himself to be bloodthirsty, ruthless, and efficient in his quest to grab his gift for Cersei and set himself apart as a point-maker in this league. Depending on how Cersei reacts to her new prize, I am looking forward to seeing how Jaime handles Cersei’s new suitor.

Injury Report

The Sand Snakes, Nym and Obara, are out for the rest of the season on account of being stuck on the wrong end of Euron’s axe. However, they went out with a bang taking down several Greyjoy soldiers and dying in a memorable fashion, earning themselves a handful of points before retiring.

Also, Theon… what happened?

The Standings

Bran’s Legs: 350 points

Baelish’s Bailiffs: 275 points

The Valyrian Steelers: 145 points

Ned’s Dead: 105 points

With Bran’s Legs maintaining a strong lead in first place that ends it for this week!


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