Super NES Classic Edition Announced

Fate sometimes hands us a second chance. Another shot at redemption, an opportunity to make things right, a new beginning. Today, Nintendo is giving all us unlucky gamers, fans, and collectors that missed picking up the mini-sized NES Classic Edition another grab at gaming memorabilia. Sadly, it’s not another production run of the NES Classic, but a new way to buy 25-year old games that we have all bought and rebought, time and time again. Introducing, the Super NES Classic Edition.

Hot off the heels of the production and swift cancellation of the virtually unobtainable NES Classic, the similarly themed SNES Classic will feature a miniature version of the console, two wired controllers, and a library of 21-SNES games. Assuming the SNES Classic follows suit of the NES Classic, the new mini-console will possibly support save states for games and display modes to see your game as your 90’s TV would’ve shown it, although this was not confirmed on Nintendo’s website.

The library of games included on the system is limited, but surprisingly well rounded, nearly all classics (Super Mario World, LoZ: Link to the Past, Super Metroid), genres (Street Fighter II: Turbo, F-Zero, Final Fantasy III), and deep cuts (Mario RPG, Earthbound, Mega Man X) made it onto the console. One shocking absence from the console is the Square classic and fan favorite, Chrono Trigger. However, to fill that void, Nintendo threw the never-before-released title, Star Fox 2, on board.

Only 90’s kids will recognize these games!

Two details that Nintendo needs improvement on with this classic edition are 1) longer cords for the controllers. The NES Classic featured a laughable 2.5 ft cord on its controller and 2) increased production. If the success of the NES Classic indicates how well the SNES Classic will do, then expect shortages.

Grab your camping chairs and start walking to Best Buy now, the Super NES Classic Edition hits stores on September, 29th for $79.99. For more information about the SNES Classic, check out “”.


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