Your Guide to the 89th Oscars: Best Actress

Folks, it’s that time of year again. The greatest and most sacred of annual events is upon us, the ultimate expression of ostentatious refinement. More hyperbole.


The Oscar nominations for 2016 films have been released, and there is a whole lot of good, a little bad, and La La Land, to no one’s surprise. But who has time to sort through it all?! You’re busy, you don’t have time to form opinions on films you haven’t even seen!  Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here.

So please enjoy Part 3 of the One Ticket Please Official Guide to the 89th Oscars: Best Actress. Reviews linked in red, with more to come!

Isabelle Huppert, Elle

Do they deserve to win: Haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard she’s good!

Ruth Negga, Loving

Do they deserve to win: Haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard she’s good, and she was great in Agents of SHIELD.

Natalie Portman, Jackie

Do they deserve to win: Yes. She had a breathtaking performance that manages to be at least as good, if not better, than her work in Black Swan. I’ve never seen an actor so successfully oscillate between emotions. Regardless of who wins, she definitely should be the one to get it.

Emma Stone, La La Land

Do they deserve to win: Nah. It’s peak Emma Stone, which is enjoyable, and she gives a memorably emotional performance in the third act in particular. But there are other performances that I thought were better that weren’t even nominated, like Hailee Steinfeld in Edge of Seventeen. So great job Emma Stone, but not the best.

Meryl Streep,  Florence Foster Jenkins

Do they deserve to win: I haven’t seen it. BUT. I’m also not on the Meryl Streep bandwagon! Please don’t unsubscribe from the site, hear me out. I recognize that she’s a fantastic actress, no arguments here. But at a certain point, it gets old to see her nominated every-freaking-year. And, were it up to me, Amy Adams would’ve taken this spot for Arrival. So…no!

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